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Electrical lightings, measurement tools, welding equipment, & other electrical components for every electrical engineer.
FLUKE-28II EX-2008,HOLSTER, 28-2EX 4013542
US $208.88
Kyoritsu Multi-Function Tester 6516
US $1,319.27
Fluke Intrinsically Safe True Rms Digital Multimeter, 28-II Ex
US $2,107.17
Fluke C116 Soft Carrying Case
US $53.75
Ingco Digital Multimeter
US $19.85
Ingco Vernier Caliper 6" 150MM/0.05MM HVC01150
US $17.41
Elora 1545 Flexible Steel Rule
US $5.58
Kds Measuring Tape Pro Dura 3.5M
US $5.73
Elora 1565 Universal Magnetic Dial Gauge Stand
US $137.37
Peak Scale Lupe 7X PE1975STD
US $54.97
Elora 1523 Vernier Caliper for Brake Discs Measuring Range 60 Mm
US $303.10
Stanley Tape Measure Steel Yellow Blade 8M/26 Ft X 25 Mm Blade Width STHT33994
US $6.41
Bw Gas Alert Microclip X3 Multi-Gas Detector
US $832.18
Bwclip 2-Years O2 Gas Detector
US $301.57
Honeywell Bw Ultra Multi-Gas Detector
US $3,238.62
E-instrument O2 Sensor for E6000
US $421.43
Bw Technology Honeywell Gasalertmicroclip Xl Multi Gas Detector
US $742.26
Lutron CO2 + Humidity/Temp. COH-9905SD
US $458.08
Flexiprobe Inspection System 10/ P541PAL1+M
US $10,260.99
Tenmars TM-201L Led Light Meter up to 200,000 Lux
US $106.89
Seek Thermal Seek Shot Termal Imaging Camera SW-AAA
US $671.85
US $133.43
Tenmars TM-218 Uvc (220~280nm) Light Intensity Meter
US $499.31
Seek Thermal Shot Pro
US $1,068.85
Lutron Micro-ohm Meter Mo-2014
US $731.40
Hioki Battery Tester BT3554-51
US $2,840.09
Casio Stopwatch IOCAHS-3
US $35.27
Sound Level Meter
US $95.43
Kyoritsu Test Leads 7133B
US $78.33
Fluke Process Meter 789
US $1,324.77
Bosch Metal Detector D-tech 120
US $215.30
Zircon Studsensor Pro Lcd
US $60.31
Proto Mirror Inspection, Oval 1" W X 2" L, Handle 8.3/4'' Oal, # 2371 2371
US $10.45
Bosch Multi Detector GMS120
US $116.81
Proto Mirror Inspection Round With Pocket Clip, 7/8" ( 22mm) Dia X 7.5"OAL, Plastisol Grip. 2370
US $10.45
Zircon Multiscanner MS-i520
US $161.85
Elora 2440-ETM Electronic Torque Meter
US $8,236.52
Emfields PF4 Elf Power-frequency Meter (10hz to 2khz)
US $406.16
Trifield TF2 Electromagnetic Meter 3-axis Emf Detector
US $242.78
Elora 2445 Electronic Inline Transducer Mtt
US $2,595.92
Cornet ED88TPlus Electrosmog Emf Rf/lf/elf (tri-mode) Field Strength Power Gauss Meter Datalogger
US $227.51
Elora 2446 Electronic Stationary Transducer 1/4″ Drive
US $4,493.94
Lutron Tachometer (photo/contact) DT-2236
US $230.57
Imrotaro 3.0 Digital Hand Tachometer (contact & Non Contact)
US $352.72
Lutron 3phase & Motor Rotation Meter RT-608
US $103.83
Fluke Precision Multifunction Process Calibrator 726
US $5,801.50
Contact & Non-Contact Portable Tachometer
US $184.76
Lutron Tachometer (Photo/Contact) DT-2230
US $164.15
K3 Pro Contactless Infrared Thermometer
US $53.14
Fluke 64 Max Ir Thermometer
US $295.37
SINKYO IR950 Infrared Thermometer
US $72.53
Az Instruments Bluetooth Wireless Temperature & Humidity Data Logger AZ88362
US $137.42
Gmm K3 Pro Lcd Wall & Tripod Mounted Hand-Free Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer (indoor & Outdoor With Shelter)
US $67.14
Sling Hygrometer 116
US $53.14
A&d Multi-Functional Platform Scale Come With Printer HV-200KCP
US $1,360.50
GMM-H08A Ultrasonic Height and Weight Bmi Scale With Thermal Printer GMMH08WH
US $841.95
Mitutoyo Dial Test Indicator,513-404-10E
US $96.58
Druck Digital Pressure Gauge Intrinsically Safe - Dpi 104-IS
US $1,336.07
Elora 188-M Feeler Gauge
US $5.28
Enerpac Gauge GP10S
US $337.25
Lutron Sound Level Meter, Class 2 SL-4030
US $109.94
TSI-Quest Soundpro Datalogging Sound Level Meter Class 2
US $3,481.41
US $113.45
TSI-Quest Soundpro Sound Level Meter SE-402
US $1,649.09
Extech Data Logging Sound Level Meter, SDL600
US $587.87
Facom Sounding Line With Yellow Finish Steel Tape 20m DELA.5111.20
US $366.14
Colour Reference Standard Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA Colour, (hazardous) Nominal Certified Value 30 500ml ALK-134170
US $503.89
Colour Reference Standard Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA Colour, Nominal Certified Value 15, 500mL ALK-134160
US $274.85
Colour Reference Standard Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA Colour Nominal Certified Value 10, Iso 9001, 500 Ml ALK-134150
US $274.85
Merck Molecular Sieve 0.3 Nm Rods ~1.6 Mm ( 1/16" ) Bottle of 250gm
US $98.72
Pt-Co/Hazen.APHA Colour, (hazardous) Nominal Certified Value 500, Stock Solution Iso 9001 500mL 462803
US $1,236.82
Sporlan Oil Test Kit TA-1 Acid Test Kit 780044
US $50.11