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Angus Duraline Fire Hose 64mm X 30 Mtr AN-HOS-DUR64X30CPL

Brand: OEM

Product Details

Angus Duraline Fire Hose 64mm x 30 mtr AN-HOS-DUR64X30CPL

c/w 2.1/2" gunmetal instantaneous coupling

The world's premier maintenance-free covered fire hose for municipal and industrial fire services.

Outstanding Performance

Significantly exceeds the requirements of the most demanding international standards for resistance to kinking, abrasion, heat, chemicals, oil, weathering, ultra-violet light and ozone.

Low Maintenance

Unique construction means Duraline can be wiped down after an incident and returned to storage without drying. Simple repair techniques are available to ensure damaged hose can be quickly and safely returned to service.

Exceptional Storage Life

Designed for the longest possible storage and service life. Used in every imaginable environment around the world, from arid desert to arctic tundra, Duraline has proven longevity over years of storage and service

Best Value for Money

Exceptional robustness and storage properties ensure Duraline remains in operational service many years after imitation products have proven to be false economies.

A Lifetime of Experience

Produced continuously for over thirty years with an on-going programme of product improvements, Duraline continues to be the first choice of discerning operational fire departments.


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US $736.68(exc. GST)
US $788.25(inc. GST)
Minimum order of 2pcs, in Sets of 1
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