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Dap Vinyl Spackling 1Q 070798121324

Model: 70798121324
Brand: Others

Product Details

Dap Vinyl Spackling 1Q 070798121324

Dap 12132 Spackling Compound Vinyl Interior/Exterior

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty all purpose formula that is perfect for household repairs and professional jobs
  • Resists cracking, sands easily and spreads smoothly
  • Media - carbon dioxide, dry chemical, foam and water Fog
  • 1 year shelf life
  • 3 to 6 hrs dry time
  • Vinyl material

Spackling compound vinyl - interior ready mixed white - plastic tub size=quart

DAP (r) Vinyl spackling is a ready mixed, easy-to-use patching material used to fill holes and cracks and treat surfaces prior to painting. The product has a smooth working consistency and sands easily, recommended for interior use only. For household repairs and professional jobs. Resists cracking, sands easily, and spreads smoothly. All-purpose. Heavy-duty.


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