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Derwent Academy Gouache Paints 12 / 24 Pack

Model: b687f30ebc
Brand: Derwent

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Derwent Academy Gouache Paints 12 / 24 Pack

· Neither too thick or thin and are just right! Despite the medium thickness of the paints,
coverage is not compromised. The strong coverage power is further complimented by a
superior matte finish, smooth texture and vibrant colours.
· Similar to watercolour but more opaque, the paints are completely intermixable, combine to
make your own create your own hues or dilute with water to create different effects, the
possibilities are endless.
· Available in a wide range of colours, the Gouache paints are easy to mix, apply and wash.


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Derwent Academy Gouache Paints 12 / 24 Pack:

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