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Euro Size Plastic Pallet P1208 (1200 X 800 X 135mm)

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Model: P1208
Brand: AhpohStore

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Euro Size Plastic Pallet P1208 (1200 x 800 x 135mm)

These lightweight, low cost pallets display superior strength and durability. Injection molded in one piece, this recyclable 4-way entry plastic pallet is an alternative to wood, weighing 50% to 70% less than wooden pallets. Besides providing ease of handling, they do not absorb moisture and are suitable for transporting most products. ideal for airfreight and export as no fumigation is required meeting ISPM 15 standards, saving you time and money.

Plastic pallets are helpful, even when it comes to being green. Plastic pallets can hold heavy cargo during shipping and be easily moved around by hand truck or forklift or stacked up one on top of another just like timber pallets. Mainly used as an alternative to wooden pallets, plastic pallets also have the ability to be customized for individualized shipping. The major bonus of plastic pallets is their hygiene compared to timber. They can be easily and thoroughly cleaned in between usage which is not true of timber pallets. This makes them perfect for transporting sensitive goods such as medicines and food.


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