M-KLEEN G-28 Alkaline Coil Cleaner 5L
M-KLEEN G-28 Alkaline Coil Cleaner 5L
Product Description

M-KLEEN G-28 Alkaline Coil Cleaner 5L


G-28 Alkaline Coil Cleaner is a highly concentrated alkaline-based cleaner capable of dissolving oxide films, slimes/fungus/algae, rust and scale and remove all greases and dirt from metallic surface, painted surface, air-conditioners coils, refrigeration panels, coldroom panels, and condensers. G-28 Alkaline Coil Cleaner does not attack the base metal or surface. It is safe to be used on most metals.


  • Biocide Effect - Formulated with biocide to better remove bacteria, fungus and algae.
  • Economical - Highly concentrated, can be diluted with 10 parts of water before use.
  • Easy application - Just spray or brush on and allow solution to settle for 10 minutes. Hose off with light jets of water.
  • Safe to use - Does not have adverse damage on aluminium, stainless steel, zinc and most metal surfaces.


In most cases, G-28 Alkaline Coil Cleaner can be further diluted with water at a ratio of 1 to 5 - 10.

Immersion Method : Immerse contaminated parts into tank containing G-28 Alkaline Coil Cleaner, diluted with 10 parts of water at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Removes parts from tank and spray off with a powerful water jet.

Manual Cleaning : Dilute G-28 Alkaline Coil Cleaner with 5 parts of water. Brush, spray or mop onto the surface or parts to be cleaned. If surface is highly contaminated, brushing action may help. Allow solution to settle for 10 minutes and hose off solution with light jets of water.


Appearance and Color: Hazy liquid

Specific Gravity: 1.10 ± 0.05

Odor: Mild

pH: 14.0 ± 0.5

Stability: Infinite

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