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Nikko Masking Tape 20m

Model: NMT-20M
Brand: Nikko

Product Details

Nikko Masking Tape 20M

A painting tape is an accessory that will make painting more comfortable and you will do the job faster. The product has been covered with a layer of glue, which is why you can easily attach it to the wall. It works perfectly for cutting off the color - after gluing the element, the paint will not leak through the tape.


  • A pressure sensitive self-adhesive tape of resin impregnated crepe paper backing
  • Masking of Surfaces
  • Carton sealing and packing
  • Masking during spraying, painting and sand-blasting
  • Bonding and splicing
  • General purpose packaging, holding
  • For general purpose masking tasks


  • Brand: Nikko
  • Product Type: Masking Tape
  • Backing: Crepe Paper
  • Length: 20 m
  • Colour: Milky
  • Adhesive: Rubber Base

Available in Width:

  • SKU: MT-NK1220 - 1.2 cm
  • SKU: MT-NK2420 - 2.4 cm
  • SKU: MT-NK3620 - 3.6 cm
  • SKU: MT-NK4820 - 4.8 cm
  • SKU: MT-NK7220 - 7.2 cm


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