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Premier Brand 3200 - Carpet & Rug Tufting Adhesive Glue
Premier Brand 3200 - Carpet & Rug Tufting Adhesive Glue
Product Description

Premier Brand 3200 - Carpet & Rug Tufting Adhesive Glue

Premier Brand 3200 is a water-based, single-component adhesive system that is formulated for carpet/rug tufting. This custom formulation is suitable to hold yarns together and/or to attach secondary backing to carpets and rugs.

- High viscosity (Cream-like), Very easy spread.
- Dry and cure to a non-tack surface.
- Dry and cure to a flexible surface.
- Dry and cure to a colourless surface.

Suitable usage:
- Yarn to yarn.
- Yarn to secondary backing.
- Felt.

Application method:
- Ensure bonding surface is cleaned, dried and free from contaminant.
- Scoop adhesive directly from its container using either a scraper or trowel.
- Apply and spread sufficient adhesive across the desired area.
- *If a secondary backing is required, apply and spread adhesive across the backing and bond it to the desired area on the rug.
- Hang the rug with proper support and leave it to dry and cure overnight. Drying and curing time varies between users as application thickness will affect its time. Although so, please do apply adhesive sufficiently to ensure proper bonding.
- Once completed, close the cover and store the adhesive in room temperature. Do not expose adhesive to humid and warm temperature.

Size and Colour:
- 5kg
- Wet state: White, Dry state: Colourless

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